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Get Well Soon Bed Tray

  • This Get Well Soon Bed Tray contains fresh fruit, a wine of your choice, tea, truffles and other treas.  Great for a gift recipient who likes healthy living and quality wines!  Also makesa Great Get Well Soon Gift!

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    Truffles - Cherrington Sweet Dusted Truffles - Silver Box 30g/1.2oz

    Tea - Tea Forte Sampler - Medium Tin - 6 pyramid infusers with 1 infuser of each: Chamomile Citron, Earl Grey, Black Currant, Raspberry Nectar, White Ambrosia, Green Mango Peach

    Chips - Cucina Olive Oil Potato Chips 1.5oz

    Cheese Biscuits - Los Olivos Biscuits Wine and Cheese Biscuits 56g/2oz

    Popcorn - Old Fashioned Caramel Popcorn - Black 140g/4.9oz

    Crackers - Haute Cuisine Crackers - Made from the best ingredients. Loaded with Gourmet taste you can feel good about. Roasted Onion 113g/4oz

    Strudels - Elsa's Story Raspberry Mini Strudels - Bite-sized fluffy pastry filled with all natural ingredients of juicy raspberries. Wholesome goodness and best served warm. Toast them for a delicious snack.125g

    Glasses - Two Wine Glasses - Perfect for enjoying a wine Gift Basket!

    Nuts - Hand selected, quality and Roasted Almonds served in a square, white ceramic tray.

    Nuts - Quality Pistachios served in a square, white ceramic tray - are a holiday food you enjoy eating throughout the year. Pistachios are a heart healthy nutrient that are a great addition to your diet year-round.

    Dishes - 2 Square Dishes - These rectangular dish can showcase a variety of nuts, antipastos, compotes or tapenades.

    Cup & Saucer - Classic White Cup & Saucer - beautiful and simple.

    Hazelton's Fresh Fruit:

    1Granny Smith Apples


    1Royal Gala Apples

    Container - Acacia wood Bed Tray - Acacia wood is especially prized for furniture and tableware, because of its durability, lustrous finish, and varied shades. Acadia wood is attractive and fragrant, making them ideal for luxury items.

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?