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Reviews - Hazelton's Gift Baskets

Reviews Hazeltons Gift Baskets

At Hazelton's Gift Baskets, our company takes into deep consideration each review that our customers make as we strive to ensure that every customer is treated in a fair and reasonable way.  As a gift basket company, our basket team’s core goal is to bring joy and happiness to your loved ones in Canada & USA from all over the world, one basket at a time.

Our customer service team is available 7 days a week from 9 to 5 Eastern Standard Time and can assist you by chat, email or phone.

Below is a list of Hazelton's Gift Baskets Reviews.We highly commend to please let us know how was your overall shopping experience!

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I ordered these chocolate dipped strawberries on demand of my daughter while browsing the site. The strawberries were fresh and juicy with a good coating of chocolates. They looked great and were a treat to have. Would order again. Recommended.

Fit for anyone

This was a really sweet gift with eye-catchy arrangement and quality assortment. The chocolates were my favorite pick in this, though the champagne was lovely too. The I love you balloon and flowers added an extra oomph to it. This was a birthday gift from my husband and I could easily recommend it.

Chinese new year gift

Though I am happy with the quality of the items and the services rendered, I still found it a bit pricey. The boxes of chocolates should have been a bit larger; the chocolates were quite delicious and I felt like having more of them. The wine had the sweet and tart flavors of chocolate and berry and goes down smoothly. Those who don't care about the budget when it comes to quality should give this basket a go.

Gift for our girl

It was a surprise gift from my husband which I really loved. As shown on the site, it had 2 bricks of delicious chocolate and a brilliant wine that was rich with flavors and made a great aperitif. The pair of glasses in the basket was of ace quality. Loved the camembert more than the brie. I too had a surprise gift planned for my husband but he beat me at it with this one. Highly recommended.

It looked grand and rich

It was quite a sizeable basket with several goodies in little packs. The packaging was eye-catchy and nothing seemed to be any less than superb. Sampled everything taking my own time and found them good. The delicious wine with the stiletto shaped wine bottle holder made it all better.

Perfect is the word

Delivered on time and in perfect state. Ordered it with a bottle of champagne for my boyfriend and he was quite pleased with the gift. The ceramic boat was of decent quality and can be used later. Worth giving a shot.

It was loved

Ordered this for the special lady of my life and she looked very pleased with the gift. It was delivered as and when expected along with the little note I added to it. She was also impressed by my efforts and the choice of the basket. Glad that I made this purchase, it made the day very special.

A delicious start to the new year

Was expecting it on Monday evening but received it the next day around noon. The packaging was good and the items were pretty good quality wise. The snacks were all good to taste and great in flavors. The heart-shaped cutting board is really a lovely thing to own and made handy stuff with the knives. We have a family of 7 so it was all gone within a day or two but we enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

The ultimate new year basket

Received it within 24 hours of placing the order. All the stuff was great, including a nice, reusable basket. Would like to order again.

It made a nice gift

The site was recommended to me by my sister to look for a gift for my girl. Loved the great baskets available here and the fact that you get to customize them is really brilliant. The assortment that was offered at this price was superb. My girlfriend liked the hamper. Thanks for the service!

This was awesome

The best gift I received in a while. It was a treat full of mouth-watering goodies. The brand of wine was new for me but was great just the same. Go ahead and buy this for someone who has a sweet tooth, they will love it. Absolutely recommended.

Fair value for money

Received this from my husband last month. The flowers were beautiful and elegantly arranged in a nice vase. The snacks were all relishable and evidently fresh; the maple fudge was a delicious surprise. The presentation was also good. Can't find a fault with it the hamper and service even if I want to. Surely would recommend it.

It was remarkable

Got this for my girlfriend who was going to be miles away on Valentine's day. The hamper was delivered on her on the expected day nonetheless and she liked it. She told me the stiletto bottle holder and Maxim kit impressed her the most. Thanks for making it on time. Recommended.

Everyone loved it

We ordered this basket from this site and a basket from another site as we needed two gift baskets and were quite confused between these two. The other basket offered almost similar assortment but this one was far better in quality than it. Though both the baskets were delivered on time, this one scored more points in presentation as well. The recipient was on cloud nine when presented with this basket. Definitely will continue shopping with this site.

It was appreciated

Got this for my wife and we were really impressed with the assortment of the basket and the way it actually delivered what it promised. Goodies were great to taste and definitely of prime quality. The basket carrying the items could have been a better-looking one, but the rest was great and the purchase went flawlessly well. Going to recommend this site to my friends as well.

Loved the packaging

My fiancée was impressed when I got this basket for her as her valentine's day gift. This was my first online purchase for this sort of gift and to my immense relief, everything was perfect. She loved the flowers which actually were fresh and beautiful. The wine was great and though I didn't sample the chocolates, she said they were nice. This basket is a clear option when you are in need of a romantic gift.

Loved the quality

Got this as a birthday day for my wife. It was received with utter glee and when I asked her to guess the price, she estimated it to be much more than it really was. She couldn't believe when I told her the price. It was a hit in all ways and a great value of money. Highly recommended.

Beautiful hamper

I didn't get to see the basket or its content in person, but my girlfriend sounded overjoyed when she called me after receiving it. The site claimed about the same day delivery so I took a chance and placed the order that very morning. Thankfully it was delivered as promised and that really impressed me. I would definitely recommend this site for the kind of efficient service these guys provided. Cheers!

Simple yet delightful

My sister sent me this basket as a congratulatory gift for the inauguration of my new store. It reached me in a perfect state, the glassware and bottles were all safe and fine. Snacks were also good; I enjoyed them for a good whole month little by little. Would like to go for this basket when in need of a gift for someone.

Anyone would love it

I am writing this review on behalf of my mom. She got this gift from dad on their 20th wedding anniversary. The content was wonderful, to begin with. Quality was classy. The assortment was good as it was, but dad still updated it with a large brick of chocolate and mom's favorite wine. She was over the moon with this gift. I too liked it, would like to gift it to someone.

A beautiful crate

We sent this basket to our son and daughter in law on their first wedding anniversary. Our daughter-in-law is a chocoholic and was elated to see so much of it in the basket. She said there wasn't a single item she didn't like and she had almost all of it to herself, sharing only the wine with her husband. We were very happy to hear that our gift was so loved. Thank you very much.

Mom loved it

Sent this to my mother-in-law on behalf of my husband for valentines day which happens to be her birthday as well. The basket was delivered to her the next day. Never having used this site before, I was kind of hoping for the basket to turn out acceptable, at least, but it was much better than that. Mother-in-law loved the assortment and seemed impressed with the appearance of the basket. It was well worth the price. Thanks a lot, will come back again.

A jolly gift

Received this fabulous basket from my husband on our second wedding anniversary. The inclusions were brilliant. Absolutely loved the chocolate fudge and cupcakes; it was all fresh and yummy. The packaging was pretty and they really took care of the quality part. For me, it was the perfect gift for the occasion.

It was a lovely gift

Got this for a special friend who loved it. I felt so good with her response for the basket. Thanks a lot for the prompt delivery, you saved the day.

It was wonderful

This was a well-stuffed basket filled up to the brim with tantalizing goodies. The variety of the items in the assortment was great and all of it tasted good. Found the package designing of the crackers pack quite ingenious. The container basket was very handy and pragmatic with all its little pocket and straps. It really makes a terrific picnic basket.