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Embroidered Plush & Blankets

Diaper Cakes

Our Diaper Cake Gift Ideas for Mom: Hazelton's has many Diaper Cake gift ideas for mom, but our personal favorite is New Baby Boy Starter Kit. This delightful basket is the perfect gift to help Mom out in the coming weeks!

Our Diaper Cake Gift Ideas for Dad: Need some Diaper Cake gift ideas for dad? Then look no further than Blue Motorcycle Diaper Cake. This gift basket has everything Dad and baby will need.

Our Diaper Cake Gift Ideas for First Time Parents: We have many gift ideas for first-time parents. In particular, we recommend gifting Blue Classic Diaper Cake. New parents always need more diapers and they will absolutely appreciate the gesture.

Our Diaper Cake Gift Ideas for Veteran Parents: Maybe this isn't the first baby this couple has had. If so, we recommend helping them stock up with a Beer & Diaper Cake Gift Basket. These practical and charming gifts are always useful, and the chances are that the parents always need diapers.

Embroidered Plush & Blankets