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Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, special occasion, or no occasion at all, every gift deserves to be beautiful. At Hazelton's, we believe that there's nothing better than finding the perfect gift, and making it a little more special with beautiful wrapping. That's why we hand-wrap and hand-pack every gift basket. We put a little more care into making sure every item in your gift basket is safe and elegantly presented, so you can have faith that your gift will be received with all the thought and emotion you put into choosing it.


Every one of our gift baskets comes with a complimentary high-quality greeting card. Make sure you remember to fill out the field on the checkout page! A special message that really comes from the heart is the perfect way to top-off any gift.


We're not fans of leaving things to chance. We make sure your gift basket is packaged securely because we’ve put the work into making it look good. We have the supplies and the know-how to get your gift safely into your recipient's hands.