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Deluxe Beer Briefcase

  • This Deluxe Beer Briefcase includes six beers, snacks, premium spices, a bread dipper and more. A great gift for any occasion, for anyone!  Add more beer if you wish below.

  • What is Included in this Gift Basket?

    Beer Carrying Case - This carrying case holds 6 beers. The snazzy case is stylish and of high quality. 

    Beer - 
    St. Ambroise Beers - This gift set includes a set of six bottles of St. Ambroise Beers; a bold, hoppy delight that is sure to impress the beer lover in your life.

    Balsamic Vinegar - Campi Verdi di Toscana Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: Crafted in the traditional Italian style, Campi Verdi di Toscana’s balsamic vinegar is a true delight. Perfectly served alongside vegetables, breads, crackers, and wine.

    Rib Rub - The Squealing Pig Gourmet Rib Rub: Recreate your own Memphis style BBQ with The Squealing Pig’s smokey rib rub. Dry rub ribs are a classic BBQ staple, and anyone can see why after tasting a single bite.

    BBQ Rub - The Squealing Pig Gourmet BBQ Rub: Recreate your own Memphis style BBQ with The Squealing Pig’s smokey BBQ rub. 

    Pork Rub - The Squealing Pig Pork Rub: Recreate your own Memphis style BBQ with The Squealing Pig’s Pork rub. 

    Olives - Delish Vodka Garlic Olives: Wonderfully bold, Delish’s marinated olives are a true delight, and the perfect companion to any appetizer or entree.

    Bruschetta – Sable & Rosenfield Bruschetta: Delight in the rich flavours of Sable and Rosenfields Red Pepper Bruschetta. Wonderfully served atop baked toast or as a dip, the Bruschetta is a true treat.

    Chips - Spudniks Kettle Chips: Delicious gourmet ketchup chips made with fresh potatoes for an elegant, savoury flavour.

    Nuts - Aww… NUTS! Dry Roasted Pistachios: Aww… NUTS! carefully roasts and seasons each nut to perfection, ensuring every bite is chock full of flavour and character.  Highly portable and incredibly satisfying, nuts really are the ideal snack for any occasion.

    Hot Sauce - Big Bad Bobby’s Chipotle Hot Sauce: This big bad bold bottle brings the heat. Spiced with chipotle peppers, this smokey tasting hot sauce is a spice lovers dream.

    Barbecue Sauce - The Squealing Pig Sweet BBQ Sauce - For when you want something a little different!

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Customer Reviews

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Makes a great corporate gift

We ordered several of these baskets on behalf of the company to for our top clients. All of them arrived in a great condition and very well packaged. I think it makes a very nice and useful gift!


Deluxe Beer Briefcase

A beautiful gift

We bought this basket as an anniversary gift for my husband's friend. The couple is a wine lover and they seemed to be very happy with this gift. The service was certainly outstanding. We forgot to mention our choice of wine so I sent an email to request the change and very soon got an answering mail confirming the change. Loved the service! Without a shred a doubt, I am going to use their service again.

The gift was appreciated

This was a present for a friend and he loved it. A good value for money. Will certainly recommend.

Elegant and impressive

One of my father's students gifted him this lovely set on his birthday. It looked really great and quality-wise it was even better. The cognac, as usual, was amazing. A bit sweet honey and grapes with a touch of citrus and a hint of jasmine. Great as a mixer in cocktails. My dad was really chuffed with the gift.