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Delightful Tea Gift Tray

  • A gift basket suitable for the Mother (or someone else if you substitute the card and mug!) in your life.  Can be for any occasion if the mug is substituted for a plain mug.  Great assortment of tea, chocolates and savoury treats.

  • What is included in this Gift Basket?

    Container - Special Ceramic Tiled Gift Tray - This is a very well designed and sturdy tray that is suitable for hot beverages given the ceramic tiles that have been included on the surface.  Will last for years and be appreaciated as an upscale gift tray

    Strudels - Elsa's Story Raspberry Mini Strudels - Bite-sized fluffy pastry filled with all natural ingredients of juicy raspberries. Wholesome goodness and best served warm. Toast them for a delicious snack.125g

    Candies - Mrs. Bridges Fruit Marbles - A kaleidoscope of colours and flavours in one jar. This is an all natural product.

    Chocolates - Marich Natural Chocolate Strawberries - Dried strawberries in rich dark chocolate and silky strawberry white chocolate. 4.5 oz

    Tea Box - This Tea Box has six individual compartments that are perfect for storing your favorite teas.

    Tea - Tea Forte Sampler - Medium Tin - 6 pyramid infusers with 1 infuser of each: Chamomile Citron, Earl Grey, Black Currant, Raspberry Nectar, White Ambrosia, Green Mango Peach

    Chocolate Sauce - Chocolate with Fleur Del Sel Caramel Sauce - A rich and silky dessert sauce, blended with a hint of fleur de sel to bring out the delicate nuances of the complex flavours of cocoa and caramel. Use on ice creams, your favourite desserts or any where a touch of decadence is needed.

    Cup & Saucer - Sontu Glass Tea Cup & Saucer - From the Sontu line of artisan hand-blown glassware, this wide rim cup has an open luminous feel that showcases the beauty of our wonderful teas. Included is a dramatic oversized saucer. Holds 6 oz and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

    Greeting Card - I Love My Mom card.  We will substitute a plan card if this gift is not for a Mother!

    Mug for Mother - Dear Mom.  I was thinking about you and all the things you’ve done and continue to do…  If this gift basket is not for a Mother, we will substitute a plain mug at your request!

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