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Passover Gift Baskets

Passover Gift Baskets

Our Passover Gift Baskets for Significant Others: Celebrate this year’s Passover with your significant other. Let them know how happy you are to have them in your life with our Passover Matza and Tea Set, complete with a mug and a beautiful wooden crate.

Our Passover Gift Baskets for Mom & Dad: Passover is all about celebrating with your family and loved ones. This year celebrate with your family with our Kosher Ample Wine Gift Basket. It includes tons of delicious goodies and a bottle of kosher wine to share.

Our Passover Gift Baskets for Friends:Celebrate this year’s Passover by sending your friends a Passover Gift Basket for them to enjoy with their family. We suggest the Simple Kosher Snack Basket, complete with delicious snacks and preserves to share.

Our Passover Gift Baskets for Bosses & Co-workers: At Hazleton’s, we have tons of Passover Gift Baskets for friends and family. However, if what you need is to make a good impression with your boss or your co-workers, we recommend the Kosher Wine and Cheese Snack Basket that is sure to make a standout gift in the workplace.

Our Passover Baskets for Friends: We offer a wide range of wonderful Passover gifts for friends, such as the Festive Passover Gift Basket. This amusing and delightful basket is the perfect Passover gift for your very best friends!

Passover Gift Baskets

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