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Welcome Home! Baby Girl Champagne Gift Basket

  • A gift for the parents as much as it is for the newborn: Hazelton’s Welcome Home! Baby Girl Champagne Gift Basket provides a decent mixture of gifts and accessories for the newborn baby girl and a fine bottle of champagne for the parents. It’s a time to celebrate the newest member of the family! See below for details about adding or upgrading items of this basket.

  • Plush - Plush Bunny: An adorable little companion for an adorable baby girl. This soft, squishy monkey plushie acts as the perfect snuggle buddy to keep your baby comfy all through the night.

    Washcloths - Wash clothes to help with the cleaning, because we all know that wherever a newborn baby goes, a mess is sure to follow, and now these wash clothes can follow that.

    Coral Blanket - A beautifully comfortable blanket to keep your newborn warm and comfy all through the night.

    Apparel - Pink Pajamas: These adorable pink PJ’s are the perfect gift for a newborn baby girl. Stylized with a pink bow and floral design on the collar, she’ll be the envy of all the baby girls in the neighborhood.

    Apparel - Hat: Adding to the fashionable collection, this hat ties perfectly with the rest of the outfit and gives your new baby girl even more style.

    Apparel - Bib: For those inevitable baby-made messes, and there will be plenty, here is a bib to help keep them clean and tidy… for as long as you can.

    Toys - Squeaky Toy:

    Apparel - Tiny Pink Boots: These adorable pink booties will make any baby girl the envy of all the other babies in the neighborhood. These boots bring their wearer nothing but style.

    Apparel - Pink Socks: Adorable pink socks to keep those tiny feet warm. Perfect apparel for any baby girl.

    Pink Bucket - Blue tin container that is practical and well-constructed, and  is great to hold your babies knick-knacks.

What Is Included in this Champagne/Sparkling Wine Gift Basket?