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The Opulent Baby Girl Gift Basket

  • This Baby Girl Gift Basket is simply .... Opulent.  The basket is presented in our widest and most impressive tray and includes stunning blankets, chocolates and clothing!  And Champagne or Sparkling Wines which you can upgrade if your wish.


    CHAMPAGNE AND SPARKLING WINES: We are pleased to offer Champagnes from France and Sparkling Wines from Italy, California, USA and all over the world to pair with the products in this Gift Basket. A bottle of BOTTEGA VINO DEI POETI PROSECCO, from Italy, is included in this gift basket.  If you wish, you can upgrade this sparkling wine by choosing a sparkling wine or champagne from the drop down list. Enjoy!

    KNITTED BLANKET - This knitted cotton blanket, in pink, is luxurious and will last for years to come.  It is part of our Hazelton's Signature collection.

    RECEIVING BLANKET- Gently swaddle your child with this quality receiving blankets by Piccolo Bambino. The blankets are 100% cotton flannel for cozy warmth, and the 30“ x 36” size is perfect for wrapping. Adorable pattern.

    CHAMOIS BLANKET- This extremely soft reversible chamois blanket is perfect to keep baby warm & cozy in the stroller while enjoying fresh air.

    PLUSH DOG- Herald captures both the quintessential essence of a Labrador and your heart with their soulful expression.

    FACECLOTHS - Four luxurious facecloths in a gift box from Piccolo Bambino

    CHOCOLATE- Biovetti Artisan Chocolate Bar - A quality and beautifully presented chocolate bar

    CANDIES - Mrs. Bridges Fruit Marbles - A kaleidoscope of colours and flavours in one jar. This is an all natural product.

    CHOCOLATES - Marich Natural Chcocolate Strawberries - Dried strawberries in rich dark chocolate and silky strawberry white chocolate

    PIGGY BANK - A piggy bank is a classic toy for a newborn.

    PLUSH BUNNY OR BEAR BOOTIES- Bashful Bunny Booties Pink

    TEA -Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea - Imported from England - 10 bags.

    SOCKS- Super Baby Socks - Sized for the little one - So Cute!

    BODY SUIT - This fancy body suit is stylish, organic and durable.  By Little Little Organics Tray - Rustic qood tray — very large width

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The Opulent Baby Girl Gift Basket

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