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The Jolly Snowman

  • Pleased to meet you, everyone,
    This is such a pleasure;
    Christmas is my favorite time;
    With its chilly weather!
    Jolly snowman, yes, that's me,
    Round, and plump, and merry!
    From the sunshine I must run,
    Dear, oh, dear, oh deary!
    But when Christmas comes, you see,
    That's the perfect time for me,
    Makes me happy as can be,
    Cheery, oh so cheery! 

    The Jolly Snowman is fully of crunch butter peppermint toffee! He is observing a plate of wonderful chocolates from ICKX. Yum.  A wonderful gift for a chocolate lover. Add wine or other goodies if you wish. 

  • This is what is included in this Christmas Gift Basket:

    Toffee - Snowman Box filled with 220g of Crunchy Butter Peppermint Toffee

    ICKX Chocolates - Top quality ICKX chocolates including  Snowman, Santa, Boots, etc. Very intricate. Very tasty!

    Container - This porcelain candy dish holds a lot of chocolate. 

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