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The Acacia Serving Tray

  • This one-of-a-kind Gift features the Acacia Serving Tray with many goodies and a bottle of liquor of your choice.

  • The Acacia Serving Tray

    The Acacia Servicing Tray is an original design featuring an acacia tray with specific areas carved out to hold six heavy-bottom shot glasses, one 4-inch ceramic dish for garnishes such as lime slices, and one frosted glass salt shaker. The Acacia Serving Tray is perfect for sharing selections of your favorite top shelf spirits or for hosting your own tasting party.

    •1 Acacia serving tray
    •1 Ceramic dish
    •6 Heavy-bottom shot glasses
    •1 Frosted glass salt shaker with chromed steel lid

    Key Features:
    •Dark acacia wood
    •Tray has carved-out areas in which the glasses, dish and shaker sit
    •Heavy-bottom glasses help keep them weighted in the tray

    What Else is Included in this Gift Basket?

    Liquor —We are pleased to offer over 50 Spirits & Liquors from around the world to complement our Gift Baskets and your tastes. In all cases, we pair our Spirits & Liquors with the gift baskets and offer 50 selections per basket so your individual tastes can be satisfied. Choose the Gin, Scotch, Whiskey, Tequila, Liqueur or Vodka that your recipient will love! All Liquors for this Gift Basket are 750ml. The Newfoundland Screech Rum will be included in this Gift Basket if a liquor is not chosen. If you would like to upgrade the Liquor, make your choice from the drop down box. The cost of the upgrade will be shown immediately!
    Snack Chips - Late July Organic, Certified Gluten-Free multigrain snck chips - 156g. 100% Whole grain.  Flavour shown is Sublime - Lightly salted with a hint of real lime - Flavour may vary.
    Tortilla Chips - By Los Cantores- These traditional Tortilla Chips with Ancient Grains are made with the old recipe from a place of tradition and forklore. By combining unique spices and zesty seasoning, the taste is one that can be found in the busy markets and restaurants of Mexico.  Experience the flavour of Mexico!
    Nuts - Very Important Peanuts - Hot Chilli - Due to the popularity of ViPnuts, it made sense to spicy it up with Hot Chilli flavour.  Hot and Tasty.60g
    Cheese Biscuits - Gruyere Cheese Biscuits - These crunchy textured snacks/cocktail nibbles are made with 5 month old A.O.C Swiss Gruyere. Tip: Heat in the oven for 5 min at 212°F and pair with Dole ( Swiss Pinot Noir ) 75g
    Lime - A fresh lime
    Salsa - Hot and Spicy Organic Salsa by Neal Brothers - For those who like things a little spicier. Same great Neal Brothers salsa taste. 500 ml
    Container - This Gift Set is delivered on a pine plank to complete the rustic feel of this gift.

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?