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A Tea & Snack Fantasy Gourmet Gift Basket

  • Filled with a collection of snacks and tea, A Tea & Snack Fantasy Gourmet Gift Basket is the perfect gift to share with that special someone in your life. Complete with truffles, shortbread cookies, scones, milk chocolate, tea and much more, A Tea & Snack Fantasy Gourmet Gift Basket is a wonderful way to show that special someone how much you care about them.  Additional items such as a bottle of wine, gourmet goods, and many more may be added to the gift basket. See below for more details.

  • Teapot - White Teapot: Perfect for those small lunch get togethers and serving whatever tea you choose to infuse that day.

    Chocolate Truffles - Monarch Handmade Gourmet Chocolate Truffles in SIlver Tin: The king of confections and chocolates once again proves their mettle with these delightfully light yet decadent chocolate truffles. Evolving flavours roll across the palate, indulging the senses with each and every morsel.

    Tea- Teabeau Lady Hannah: Simply sensational, Tea Beau tea is a divine experience for the senses. The loose leaf tea is not only pleasing to the palette, but aromatic, and visually striking. Tea Beau is a must for any lover of tea.

    Jam - Wine Country Preserves Sour Cherry Jam: Made with fine and delicious ingredients, Wine Country Preserves takes great pride in their fine jellies. The perfect companion for wine crackers and cheese.

    Cracker - Mariner Cracker Ancient Grain: These Ancient Grain crackers are an absolute delight, and it's no surprise, Mariner has been crafting crackers since 1931, and they've learned a thing or two along the way. Enjoy with a cheese, spread, or simply on their own.

    Pretzels- East Shore Seasoned Pretzels: hore Specialty Foods Seasoned Dipping Pretzels:These salty and savoury pretzels are traditionally seasoned, ensuring every bite is full of satisfyingly crunchy delight. Great on their own or with mustard.

    Cheese - Hogtown Eats Camembert: Delight in the rich cheese of Hogtown. Rindless and creamy, this delightful cheese is the perfect companion to crackers and a glass of wine.

    Basket- Linen Lined Wicker Basket: Instead of using plastic containers around the house, why not use this wicker basket? It’s practical and pretty for sprucing up around the house.

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