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Taste of Sicily Gift Basket

  • This Taste of Sicily Gift Basket is the perfect glass to remind you of Italian nights. This gift basket includes luxurious items including a cutting board, cheese, and fine wine (which you can upgrade). This Gift Basket is beautiful in its divine simplicity.  Even the two wine glasses are included!

    Please Note. An express shipping method (Overnight or Next day) is highly recommended for all fruits/chocolate dipped fruits, cakes/baked goods, flowers/plants, cheese, and all other perishable items to guarantee freshness!

  • Included in this All Kosher Gift  Basket:

    One Bottle Of Wine, which can be upgraded from our drop down menu below.

    Wine Glasses - Included in this wine Gift Set is a pair of wine glasses, perfect for any glass of wine.

    Grapes - 1 Large Bunch of Seedless Jumbo Grapes: This gift basket includes 1 large bunch of seedless grapes.

    Chocolate - Monarch White Chocolate Bar: The soothing and tender taste of Monarch white chocolate will delight with its subtle notes and smooth texture. Feel like a king or queen and indulge in luxury with Monarch.

    Cheese - Blue Cheese Wedge: This wedge of blue cheese is carefully made and is the perfect pairing for wine and crackers.

    Chocolate - Verdi Milk Chocolate: Carefully crafted by expert chocolatiers, Verdi’s milk chocolate’s are a pure delight to the senses and a sweet of the highest quality.

    Cheese Board Set - No gift of wine and cheese would be complete without an accompanying board and knife set.  This beautifully handcrafted board is designed and manufactured in North America and is of the highest quality. The set includes four cheese knives that can be magnetically attached to the board, ensuring they are never misplaced.

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?