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O Christmas Tree!

  • O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
    Thy leaves are so unchanging;
    O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
    Thy leaves are so unchanging;
    Not only green when summer's here,
    But also when 'tis cold and drear.
    O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
    Thy leaves are so unchanging!

    O Christmas Tree!This is what your gift recipient will say when they receive this over-sized, glorious gift basket filed with imported goodies, wine, chocolate and snacks! You can upgrade the wine if you wish and add additional treats or alcohol. 
  • This is what is included in this Christmas Gift Basket:

    Chocolate - Sanders candy makers take their time to create this handcrafted chocolate piece. Enjoy the complex and layered flavor of real cherries covered in dark chocolate.
    Fruit & Nut Torta for Cheese- Imported from England from the Fine Cheese Company  This Spanish cheese accompaniment from Murcia, is made from dried, pressed fruits and nuts and a touch of aniseed.
    It is delicious with Manchego, or any hard cheese where its fruity, sweet intensity is a foil for the creamy, rich saltiness of the cheese. 
    Crackers - Goats Cheese and Walnuts Savouries from Fine Cheese Company - A range of all-butter savouries, made with freshly grated cheese, superior nuts, butter, eggs and clotted cream..
    Chocolate Wreath -- By Saxon Chocolates - Deliciously cool, utterly addicitve! Crunchy pretzel balls are drenched in a thick coat of Belgian chocolate infused with real peppermint and dusted lightly with powdered sugar. Presented in a stunning holiday wreath tin, makes the perfect hostess gift!
    Pretzels - By East Shore, these pretzels are full of sugar and spice! Wonderful pretzels that can be savoured for hours.
    Nuts - By New York Delhi - These ViP Nuts are hot and spicy chili. A bit of a ziggy flavour. IF you have one, you will want them all! Imported from England.

    Chocolates - By Marich Premium Chocolates - Christmas Candy Cane Caramels.   

    Cranberry Conserve - With Port & Pecans - Enjoy with turkey, veal or pork. This rich flavoured cranberry sauce fortified with Canadian port and pecans is also ideal as a dessert topping 

    Chocolates - Christmas wreaths and  chocolate Christmas ornaments with intricate detail adorn the Christmas tree!

    Chocolates - Maxim truffles. A lot of taste comes out of a small package. Imported from Maxim's de Paris in France. 

    Cinnamon Sticks - Great for adding more flavour to your drinks.

    Chocolates - Made Chocolate Bar - Made in Canada.
    Container - This Christmas tree basket can be a centerpiece on a table and hold candies and chocolates. It will be a decoration that can be used and cherished for years to come.

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?