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The Morning After St. Paddy's Day

  • We all have those dear family members and friends who might indulge in St. Patrick’s Day a little too much, but with The Morning After St. Paddy’s Day Gift Basket you can be the hero they truly need. Complete with everything needed to make the perfect cup of coffee, while re-energizing with fresh fruit and delightful sweets, The Morning After St. Paddy’s Day Gift Basket is the perfect treat to help your recipient bounce back and survive the morning after. Additional gourmet treats, wine, and more may be added to the gift basket. See below for more details.

  • Included in This Gift Basket

    Press - Coffee Press: This gift basket is accompanied by a beautiful coffee press, a classic and easy to use way of creating the perfect cup of coffee.

    Mugs - Two Green Coffee Mugs: This gift set is presented with two beautiful green coffee mugs, the perfect way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

    Fruit - Two Granny Smith Apples: This gift set includes two delightfully fresh Granny Smith Apples. These classic green apples are a delight, and the perfect fresh snack to share and enjoy.

    Jam - Delish Black Currant Jam: Add a dash of fruitful flavour with Delish’s line of jams and jellies. The perfect addition to any dessert, sandwich, breakfast, or appetizer. Delish’s jams and jellies are crafted from pure and simple ingredients, making them the perfect sweet spread.

    Jam - That’s My Jam Apple Pie: Traditionally crafted, That’s My Jam’s signature collection of jams and jellies are a wondrous delight, guaranteed to enhance any number of dishes. Beautifully served alongside toast, cheese,pâté, salami, and more.

    Chocolate - Divine Confections Mint Chocolate Fudge:A true gourmet delight. Fine succulent fudge is a rare treat, and Divine Confections ensures every bite and nibble will not soon be forgotten.

    Chocolate Truffles - Three St. Patrick’s Day Gourmet Truffles: These beautiful, handcrafted gourmet truffles are a sweet and succulent delight that will leave you craving for more. Decorated in honour of St. Patrick’s Day, these gourmet treats are the perfect sweet to share with your family and friends.

    Chocolate Lolly - One Festive Shamrock Chocolate Lollipop: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this brightly decorated chocolate Shamrock lollipop, the ultimate festive sweet for the occasion.

    Chocolate Pretzels - Two St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Dipped Pretzels: Dipped in rich gourmet chocolate, these festively decorated pretzels are a decadent delight, and the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

    Coffee - Roasted Tsunami Current Medium Dark Coffee:An aptly named coffee to be sure, its bold and unique flavours crash over the taste buds like a crushing wave, delighting the senses with every sip.

    Cookies - Hogtown Eats Shortbread Cookies:Flavour inbound straight from Hogtown.  These crisp and tasty shortbread cookies are the perfect sweet treat for each and every occasion.

    Crackers - CaPeachio’s Vegetable Medley Crackers:A classic staple of any appetizer. CaPeachio's Vegetable Medley Crackers will complete any starting course, and are perfect for any occasion. Better yet, they are Kosher, vegan friendly, and GMO free.

    Tray - Handcrafted Serving Tray with Legs: The Morning After St. Patrick’s Day Gift Basket is presented upon a beautiful serving tray with legs, making it ideal for breakfast in bed whilst recovering from over-indulgent festivities. The perfect gift to help a dear friend recover from a St. Patrick’s Day that may have been just a little too much fun.

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