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Happy Halloween Gift Basket

  • This Happy Halloween Gift Basket will make anyone - big or small - happy on Halloween!

  • What is included in this Haloween Gift Basket?

    Chocolate Bar - Large Kit Kat
    Chocolate Bar - Large Coffee Crisp
    Chocolate Bar - Large Aero Bar
    Chocolate Bar - Large Smarties
    Chocolates - Pumpkins, Goblins & Ghosts
    Beverage - Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer
    Pretzels - East Shore Dipping Pretzels 170g/6oz
    Chips - Seasalt & Vinegar Salty Dog Potato Chips - Pair with a strong English Ale and evening with your buds! 40g
    Popcorn - Fireworks Harvest Blend Popcorn
    Container - Attactive orange Halloween bucket

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