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Halloween Cauldron Gift Basket

  • This Halloween Gift Basket has been designed to include lots of full size chocolate bars, jelly beans, cookies and even maple syrup all placed in a black Witch's Cauldron.

  • What is included in this Halloween Gift Basket?

    Chocolate Bar - Large Kit Kat
    Chocolate Bar - Large Coffee Crisp
    Chocolate Bar - Large Aero Bar
    Chocolate Bar - Large Smarties
    Chocolates - Pumpkins, Goblins & Ghosts
    Jelly Beans - Large Bag of sour jelly beans — assorted colours
    Chocolates - Pairing Chocolate for Wine Coffee & Tea (this is chocolate for Mom & Dad!); Milk Chocolate 51g/1.8oz - Red
    Maple Syrup - 40 ml Glass container - Real Maple Syrup from Voisins!
    Chocolate - Godiva Solid Dark Chocolate Bar 1.5oz - This solid chocolate bar comes from the ultimate self indulgence collection of bite-size pleasures!
    Cookies - Janis & Melanie Chocolate Chip Traditional Cookies 71g/2.5oz
    Candy - Whirly Pop - Large Cinnamon Sucker
    Container - Black Wicked Witch cauldron.

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