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Fresh Truffles & Champagne

  • The Fresh Truffles & Champagne Gift Basket features fresh truffles, champagne, and a plush stuffed animal. The perfect gift for an anniversary, Valentine's or just celebrating that special someone in your life. This basket can be customized by adding any of the Champagnes or Sparkling Wines from Hazelton's Champagne Collection or by adding a personalized card or note.

  • Bottle Of Champagne, Which can be selected from the drop-down menu below.

    Glasses - Champagne Glasses: What other than two fancy champagne glasses would fit perfectlywith a champagne bottle.

    - Stuffed Plush Animal: There will be a lot of hugs and cuddles with this plush toy - but you might have to share some with the hippo!

    - Chocolate Truffles: The ultimate chocolate delight is yours to enjoy! Our chocolate truffles offer a decadent dessert that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and have you craving more.

     - This set includes a delightful white ceramic serving dish. This dish is perfectly suited to serving all manner of appetizers and would make a welcome addition to any dining collection.

    : Wooden Serving Tray - A quality serving tray that can be used for the years to come!

What Is Included in this Champagne/Sparkling Wine Gift Basket?