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The Luxury Decanter Gift Set

  • The Luxury Decanter Gift Set features a decanter with an intricate glass ship built around it. This set also includes chocolates, wonderful cigars, whiskey set, and a rum to pour into the beautiful decanter.

  •  Included in this Gift Basket:

    Liquor - We are pleased to offer over 20 Spirits & Liquors from around the world to complement our Gift Baskets and your tastes. In all cases, we pair our Spirits & Liquors with the gift baskets and offer 20 selections per basket so your individual tastes can be satisfied. Choose the Gin, Scotch, Whiskey, Tequila, Liqueur or Vodka that your recipient will love! All Liquors for this Gift Basket are 750ml. The Rum will be included in this Gift Basket if a liquor is not chosen. If you would like to upgrade the Liquor, make your choice from the drop down box. The cost of the upgrade will be shown immediately!

    - 1000ml Glass Liquor/Wine Decanter With Oak Base

    Chocolate - Boss Medium Dark Chocolate Bar - 250g

    - Monarch Butterscotch Nut Chocolate Bark

    Whiskey Set- Final Touch Rockroller Set. Comes with a glass, 2 dual rolling chilling balls, and tongs

    - 3 Regular Sized Cigars

    - Rustic Happy Father's Day Cutting Board

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?