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The Heineken Beer Gift Basket

  • This Beer Gift Basket features 6 Heineken Beers and a variety of snacks.

  • Including in this Beer Gift Basket:

    Beer - Heineken - 6 Bottles - Made in Netherlands by Heineken's Brouwerijen Nederland Bv, this Lager/Pilsner has 5% Alcohol.  It has a pale gold color with a soft grain taste and a gently bitter finish.

    Nuts - New York Delhi Classic Sea Salt Peanuts - Due to the popularity of ViPnuts, it made sense to introduce a classic sea salt staple to the range-surprisingly refreshing and an opportunity to appreciate the quality of the nut.60g

    Cheese - Sonoma Jacks Garlic & Herb Cheese 12/4.02oz

    Chips - Organic Tortillas with Flax - How could Neal Brother's possibly add anything to their already incredible organic blue tortillas? It’s just a little organic flax seed, no need to fret. We promise this is a change you are going to love.

    Cucina Olive Oil Potato Chips 1.5oz

    Crackers - Cherrington Farms Crackers Wheat 4 oz/114g

    Pistou Olives - Greek green Amphissa olives marinated to a French recipe in oil with fresh basil and garlic. 260b

    Container - Galvanized pail that is great for keeping beer cold — just add the ice! 

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