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Tea Lights and Tea Diwali Gift Basket

  • What better way is there to celebrate Diwali than with bright beautiful candles and hot steeped tea? The Tea Lights and Tea Diwali Gift Basket is a beautiful gift to share during the Festival of Light. Tea has a way of bringing people together as they partake in a cup, especially when paired with an array delightful sweets. To better celebrate Diwali, this basket also includes three handcrafted candle holders, directly inspired by traditional diyas and made in-house for every order.
  • Items Included In This Basket:

    Tea Pot - Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares Tea Pot: This beautiful porcelain tea pot is a wonderful addition to any tea lover's arsenal. Able to accommodate loose leaf tea as well as bags, all while being dishwasher safe. Enjoy tea in style with Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares Tea Pot.

    Tea - Woodard’s Gourmet Chai Tea: Woodard’s collection of gourmet teas are a delight to the senses. Carefully crafted to ensure each and every warm cup of steeped tea is flavored to perfection.

    Chocolate - Bogaerts Caramel Milk Chocolate: Beautifully pairs with rich flavors, particularly ice wines. Bogaerts carefully designed and crafted chocolates are a true standout, certain to bring delight and joy to any sweet tooth.

    Chocolate - Woodard’s Dark Chocolate Walnut: Bold tasting and subtle in complexity, Woodard’s Dark Chocolate & Walnut bar offers a delightful flavor experience that will not soon be forgotten.

    Honey - Creamed Honey: Sweet and succulent, creamed honey is a wonderful all natural sweetener. Its bold flavor profile is the perfect companion to any baked good.

    Flowers - Fresh Bouquet: This basket includes a bouquet of vibrant and colorful flowers. A bouquet is the perfect way to breathe new life into a room and introduce a splash of fragrance and color.

    Cups - Two Coffee/Tea Mugs: Celebrate coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever you please with our bright and colorful mugs.

    Cookies - Salem Baking Co. Raspberry Shortbread Cookies: Crumbly perfection awaits in every box of Salem Baking Co.’s shortbread cookies. Made with simple and pure ingredients, these shortbread cookies offer delight and satisfaction in a way only traditionally baked treats can provide.

    Cookies - Salem Baking Co. Moravian Cookies Key Lime: These light and crisp cookies are packed full of flavor. Notes of citrus and vanilla roll over the palate with every delightful bite. The perfect companion for coffee, tea, or ice cream

    Fresh Citrus: Six Key Limes, One Lemon.

    Jam - With Love From Mom Gourmet Strawberry Jam: A classic jam that that will remind you of home.  With Love From Mom uses only the most natural and simple of ingredients in their jams and jellies, to ensure every taste reminds you of home.

    Container - Wooden Serving Tray: This beautiful all wooden serving tray is a wonderful way to present any meal or treat. Be it for tea, appetizers, or breakfast in bed, this serving tray is the perfect tool for the job.

    Diyas - 3: Our beautiful, handmade, diya inspired candle holders are crafted in-house by our dedicated woodworkers just for our Diwali baskets. The perfect gift to keep your Diwali bright!

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