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Decadent Kosher Gift Basket

  • The Decadent Passover Basket contains our suggested Passover cake paired with our kosher house wine which can be upgraded to any kosher wine of your choice.

    (Please take note that this is our suggested cake for Passover as it does not contain made without wheat, gluten, oats, or rice.). It is appropriate for most Kosher Celebrations.

  • Included in this Basket:

    ALL KOSHER - We are proud to confirm that every item in this Kosher Gift Basket is certified by a leading Kosher certifier and clearly marked with certification. 

    CAKE - Single Layer Flourless Chocolate Cake 8"
    TRAY - Rustic Tray with Engraving

What Is Included in this Kosher Wine Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

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passover gift basket

Prompt delivery. Excellent product

passover gift basket

Prompt delivery. Excellent product

Great Product!

First time ever that we have sent a dessert and wine combination to friends for the sukkot season. The response we've received from folks in Canada -- were stellar. They loved this gift which they shared with family and friends who expressed this cake lives up to its name -- rich and beautifully delicious. The wine was equally delicious and went well with the cake.

amazing gift!!

I enjoy dark chocolate, but am not a serious chocoholic. I have to admit that after tasting this delectable cake, I would recommend ordering this little goodie to anyone who wants to impress at dessert time, for a birthday, as a hostess gift, etc. This Chocolate Decadence Cake is to die for!!! Sinfully Awesome! And it goes with any wine that you select from the Hazeltons wine list. Lovely product.

very happy with the gift

I had ordered the Decadent Kosher Gift Basket for my in laws for sukkot and the loved it. The cake was so good that I had to go to this site to write a review of this product. It is unique. Not really like any cake you have ever had, more the texture of the smoothest fudge you have ever had. It is a rich semi-sweet (dark) chocolate flavor so it's not too sweet. Put some small pieces in with a scoop of ice cream and you'll go back for more. Heavenly. The wine was great too. Exceeded my expectations. Really happy with the purchase.