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Christmas Haywagon Gift Basket

  • This Christmas Haywagon Git Basket will bring back these wonderful memories while your gift recipients enjoy chocolate, candy and much more. A Snowman with a Santa hat is at the front of the wagon. You can add wine, liquor, beer, champagne or more goodies to this basket if you wish. Merry Christmas!  

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    Gourmet Popcorn - by 479 Degrees - Heirloom popcorn tossed in rich Black Truffle and White Cheddar Flavoring. Artisan Popcorn. 71g Made in San Francisco, California 

    Chocolate: Eclat de Cacao: Trinitarian cocoa beans enrobed in dark chocolate

    Chocolate - Birch Pretzel Rods {13 oz.} A traditional favorite — crisp pretzel rods enrobed in creamy white & drizzled with milk chocolate

    Candle - Square Birchwood Christmas Candle w/ Leather and Pinecone trim

    Glitter Spread -This spread will make your croissants, crumpets and toast actually shimmer and gleam in the morning light. This Christmas jam is a sumptuous blend of tart cherries, cranberries and red currants.

    Shortbread - Hazelton's Delicious shortbread cookies, to compliment your favourite hot drink on cold winter nights

    Chocolate –Hazelton’s sweet Belgium milk chocolate

    Crisps –Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Polenta Crisps

    Snowman - This Snowman has a Santa hat and loves haywagon rides.

    Crisps –Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Polenta Crisps

    Pyramid Box - Large -Hazelton’s water crackers. Great with cheese, bruschetta, or any dip.

    Pyramid Box - Medium –Hazelton's enrobed cherries. Quite devine.

    Pyramid Box - Small -Hazelton's dusted truffles. The best we have ever tasted!

    Haywagon - Large -This large haywagon will be a centerpiece of conversation every Christmas. Made of solid wood and intricately detailed.

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