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Sweet Candy Gift Basket

  • This Candy Gift Basket includes sweet candies, chocolates and even some sour goodies. All of these candies and chocolates are premium quality!

  • Included in this Candy Gift Basket:

    Celestial Sours – These Suns, Stars, Moons, and Clouds are our premium candies – with a bit of a bite! The flavors are enhanced with real fruit juice and sanded with tart and sweet crystals.
    Chocolate Cherries — Without question, the hottest item we sell!!! Moist Bing cherries coated in our rich milk chocolate then double dipped in our own cherry coating made with more real bits of cherries. The appearance is enhanced with a deep burgundy color with “flecks” of natural fruit bits. The surface is high gloss.
    Raspberry Jelly Beans - Premium real fruit jellybeans loaded with fruit from juice concentrates.
    Gummy Bears - Premium imported Gummi Bears in a variety of fruit flavors and sparkling clear colors.
    Assorted Jelly Beans – A great way to try a variety of our real fruit jelly beans!
    Natural Dark Chocolate Jordan Almonds - Roasted almonds covered in rich dark chocolate and a thin sugar shell.

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