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Candy Fishbowl Gift

  • A great way to show someone you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s Day, the Candy Fishbowl Gift from Hazelton’s is the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth. It includes a lovely glass fishbowl – which can be used for flowers or as its own decoration – filled with candy and chocolates and is perfect for sharing. Let someone special know how sweet on them you are with this great gift basket. And remember, you can add more items to your order, such as additional gourmet snacks or a bottle of wine, champagne or liquor to personalize your gift further. Let someone know how special they are with this delightfully sweet gift from Hazelton’s.

  • Bowl Of Candy : The glass container is a quality glass vase that can be used for bouquets, flowers or just decoration throughout the house. Includes Chocolates and Candies.

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