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The Camelliaphile Gift Basket

  • This collection is perfect for the tea lover on the go. Featuring an assortment of small snacks, tea and a tea thermos The Camelliaphile Gift Basket is the perfect gift basket to share with the tea lover in your life and makes for the perfect anniversary, Mother’s day or Christmas gift. Additional gourmet goods and more may be added to the gift basket. See Below for more details.

  • Tea - Tea Beau Mint Green Tea: Simply sensational, Tea Beau tea is a divine experience for the senses. The loose leaf tea is not only pleasing to the palette, but aromatic, and visually striking. Tea Beau is a must for any lover of tea.

    Spread- Venetian Classic Antipasto:A unique blend of fresh vegetables and tomato sauce creating a delicious and chunky Italian antipasto. Pair it with a baguette and have it as a staple in your next gathering.

    Chocolate- Divine Confections Chocolate Peppermint Bark:Artisan crafted chocolate bark. Divine Confections takes careful measures to ensure every bite of their delightful chocolate bark is filled to the utmost level of satisfaction.

    Pretzels- East Shore Specialty Foods Seasoned Dipping Pretzels:These salty and savoury pretzels are traditionally seasoned, ensuring every bite is full of satisfyingly crunchy delight. Great on their own or with mustard.

    Nuts- Pistachios: Our salted Pistachios are a heart healthy nutrient that are a great addition to your diet and perfect for those times when you just want a little snack.

    Nuts- Beer Nuts: These sweet and salty nuts are one of the staple snacks of any party.  

    Receptacle - Tea Thermos: Enjoy some of your favourite rejuvenating teas on the go with this tea thermos, choose your tea and go.

    Bowl- Three Pocket Serving Bowl: This is a perfect serving bowl for when you have company over and want to keep your dishes to a minimum.

    Container- Handled Wicker Basket: This is a great place for storing some of your household knick knacks, especially if you are looking for a small container to store them.

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