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Brie Cheese Baker Gourmet Gift Set

What Colour of Goat Cheese Baker Would You Like?
  • With the Brie Cheese Baker Gourmet Gift Set, your friends and family can enjoy a selection of savoury accompaniments to a delicious meal. Encourage your loved ones to take a well-deserved break and indulge in something truly wonderful. Featured in this gift set is Roasted Tsunami fair trade coffee in Storm, a wheel of creamy brie cheese, a cream coloured brie baker, a bar of Hendrickx dark chocolate, three pepper with basil and lemon bruschetta from Wildly Delicious, Simply Naked sea salt pistachios, Wildly Delicious roasted garlic & tomato bruschetta bread dipper, cocktail sauce from Braswell’s, Mariner Ancient Grains flatbread crackers, an end-grain acacia wood cutting board, and a bowl. Add on additional items to make this gift truly special! Choose from bottles of fine wine or liquor, flowers, cards, and more!


    Brie Baker - Petite Maison Brie Baker: This vintage looking brie baker is the perfect way to make cheese and also works as a great accessory for your kitchen

    Dish Set - Three Square Ceramic Dishes - These dishes showcase nuts like pistachios, corn nuts and pecans. 

    Jelly - Delish Red Pepper Jelly: Delish Jellies are wonderful spreads with bold flavours, perfect to add to any breakfast or appetizer, ensuring each bite is as delicious as the last.

    Sauce - BOSS Barbecue Sauce: Bold, rich, and perfectly balanced, BOSS’ Barbecue Sauce is perfect for wings, rice, ribs, and more. The perfect companion for any BBQ or cookout.

    Wafers - Pirouline Wafer Sticks: Each Pirouline wafer is carefully roasted to perfection, making the ideal sweet to accompany any occasion.

    Cheese - Boss Camembert: With a soft and spreadable texture, the Boss Camembert is a white delicious cheese with a mild aromatic taste.  Spread over any bread or fruit for a more appetizing snack.

    Olive Oil - Filo d’Olivio 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil: From harvest to press, Filo d’Olivio’s traditionally crafted Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with dedication and care every step of the way. Pure and unprocessed, this delightful olive oil contains no added colour or preservatives.

    Wine Vinegar - Vigneto Wine Vinegar: Crafted in the traditional Italian style, Vigneto's 100% pure red wine vinegar is a true delight. Perfectly served alongside vegetables, breads, crackers, and wine.

    Antipasto - Venetian Vegetarian Antipasto: A unique blend of fresh vegetables and tomato sauce creating a delicious and chunky Italian antipasto. Pair it with a baguette and have it as a staple in your next gathering.

    Hummus - Venetian Roasted Garlic Hummus:. The superbly prepared, original Mediterranean Hummus is perfect for your snacking needs. Dip some fresh broccoli or cucumbers inside this tasty hummus. Also try spreading it on some pita bread for a pleasant dining experience during a family dinner!

    Crackers - Gone Crackers Roasted Shallot & Herb:With a hint of shallot and herb, these light delicious cookies are the perfect treat to share with your family and friends. Perfect on their own, served alongside a hot cup of coffee, or crumbled atop of a bowl of ice cream.

    Flatbread - Mariner Organic Ancient Grains Flatbread Crackers: These flatbread crackers are an absolute delight, and it's no surprise, Mariner has been crafting crackers since 1931, and they've learned a thing or two along the way. Enjoy with a cheese, spread, or simply on their own.

    Container - Woven Market Basket with Handles: This beautiful woven basket is ideal for taking to the market, to picnics, or to store knick knacks around the house. The perfect basket to carry down the winding wooded road to granny’s cottage.

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