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Bobbing for Apples Halloween Gift Basket

  • Relive the classic Halloween pastime with the Bobbing for Apples Halloween Gift Basket. Filled with plentiful Halloween treats, wine, and harvest fresh apples, this festive basket is the perfect gift for the occasion. This gift basket is presented within a beautiful, handcrafted, ¼ barrel that doubles as a wonderful storage option or flowerpot. This Halloween, enjoy crisp flavor, and festive fun with the Bobbing for Apples Halloween Gift Basket. You may select the accompanying bottle of wine included with this gift basket, see below.
  • Items Included In This Basket:

    Honey - Beezy Cinnamon Honey: It has been said that honey is the food of the gods, and if you've ever tasted its smooth and sweet perfection you probably understand why. Beezy honey offers an unparalleled experience that is sure to delight the taste buds. 250ml.

    Chocolate - BOSS Milk Chocolate Brick: Wine tasting and pairing has never been more delightful and palatable. BOSS rich chocolate bricks are crafted to compliment wine and indulge the senses.

    Apple Chips - Martin’s Apple Chips: These are not your standard chip; Martin's Apple Chips are an interesting twist on the snack food classic. Made from dehydrated apples rather than potatoes, Martin's Apple Chips are healthy as well as delicious. Made from 100% pure dehydrated apples, with no added preservatives or sugar.

    Pretzels - East Shore Specialty Foods Seasoned Pretzels: These salty and savoury pretzels are traditionally seasoned, ensuring every bite is full of satisfyingly crunchy delight. Great on their own or with mustard.

    Mustard - East Shore Garlic & Pepper Dipping Mustard: East Shore’s carefully crafted and seasoned mustards are a true delight. Not only do they function positively perfectly as a traditional condiment, the quality of mustard allows them to also stand apart as a spread. Perfectly paired with pretzels, charcuteries, crackers, cheeses, sandwiches, sausages, and so much more.

    Chocolate - Sweet Trash Milk Chocolate Spooky Pumpkin Lollipop: The perfect treat for the season. This delicious gourmet chocolate lollipop is a traditional sweet made from high quality chocolate.

    Chocolate - Sweet Trash White Chocolate Spooky Pumpkin Lollipop: The perfect treat for the season. This delicious gourmet chocolate lollipop is a traditional sweet made from high quality chocolate.

    Candy - Sweet Pixels Gummy Tarantulas: Creepy crawlies have never been so delicious. Designed with sweet succulence in mind, these wonderful gummies are filled with flavour, ensuring every bite is a true delight.

    Cookies - Salem Baking Co. Key Lime Moravian Cookies: Salem Baking Co.’s light and crisp cookies are packed full of flavour. Notes of citrus and vanilla roll over the palate with every delightful bite. The perfect companion for coffee, tea, or ice cream.

    Fruit - 5 Red Delicious Apples, 3 Granny Smith Apples

    Cinnamon - Cinnamon Sticks: This Basket includes a bundle of cinnamon sticks. Enchanting aroma and bold flavour make cinnamon a staple spice for any occasion.

    Glasses - Two Red Wine Glasses: This basket includes two beautifully crafted red wine glasses. The perfect item to share the basket’s included wine.

    Container - 1/2 Barrel: This basket arrives presented in a handcrafted and stained wooden barrel. Manufactured in-house in North America, this barrel is as attractive as it is durable. A wonderful storage option or flower pot.

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?