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"A Beer a Year" Beer Gift Basket - Beer Gift Basket of the Year!

How Many Beer Would You Like in this Gift Basket?
  • Are you looking for a Beer Gift Basket for someone having a Birthday?  or for a special Celebration? Well, this is the Beer Gift Basket you are looking for!!!

    This Beer Gift Basket contains One Beer for Every Year that the Birthday Guy or Gal has lived!  Or if it is for a different Celebration -- You Pick the Number of Unique Beers you would like in the Gift Basket!

    And every beer is unique - no doubles.  Some are popular Canadian beers, some are Craft Beers and others are Premium Imports. Above, choose the number of beer you would like in the Beer Gift Basket.  We will add a personalized greeting card as well wishing the Birthday Person a Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary or anything you want!

  • Items Included in this Beer Gift Basket:

    19-101 Beer - One unique for each year that the Birthday Guy or Gal has lived. Or if it isfor a different celebration, the number of beer that you select.

    Container - A wooden mahogany stained crate that is reinforced to hold all of the beer! Large Beer Baskets may require 2 or 3 crates!


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