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Barrel of Beer Gift Basket

  • The Barrel of Beer Gift Basket comes with 7 beers in total, olives, smoked salmon pate and much more! This basket is beautifully presented in a half barrel keg! You can even add more beer to this Gift Basket by choosing how many beers you would like. And you can choose from Premium, Craft and Specialty beers! This basket can be perfect as a Father's day basket or even just a thoughtful basket for a beer lover!

  • Items Included in this Beer Gift Basket:

    Beer - Included in this gift set are 4 Guinness Draught Beers, 2 Heineken Beers, and 1 Specialty Craft Beer.

    Chocolate - Verdi Almond Milk Chocolate Bar: Crafted with dedication and care, the fine chocolatiers at Verdi are experts in creating delicious chocolate treats. Verdi’s chocolate is designed to be enjoyed on its own, or paired with rich full-bodied wines.

    Pretzels - East Shore Specialty Foods Dipping Pretzels: These salty and savory pretzels are traditionally seasoned, ensuring every bite is full of satisfyingly crunchy delight. Great on their own or with mustard.

    Olives  Delish Gin Lemon Olives: Wonderfully bold, Delish’s marinated olives are a true delight and the perfect companion to any appetizer or entree.

    Pate - SeaChange Smoked Salmon Pate: Rich and decadent, Sea Change’s gourmet smoked salmon spread is a true delight. The perfect companion for cheese, crackers, and wine.

    Relish - Delish Cucumber Relish: This is a really colorful, good-old-fashioned, delicious, all-around relish and is perfect on burgers, dogs, sausages on a bun and more.

    Half Barrel: A high-quality wooden half barrel that makes a very handsome container for newspapers or in a bar.

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