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A Romantic Dinner For Two

  • Skip dinner and a movie for your Valentine’s Day date night. Spice up your romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day withA Romantic Dinner For Two, this gift basket is perfect for a cozy night in. Sending an Italian inspired dinner basket is a great way to help rekindle the fire - as nothing says romance like a candlelight dinner with this gift basket to set the mood.

  • Antipasto - Delish Original Antipasto: Savoury, simple, and delish. This antipasto is made with vegetables mixed with tomato sauce making it an easy appetizer dish to make which can be enjoyed wherever and whenever.

    Olives - Delish Gin Lemon Olives: Delight in the bold and satisfyingly sweet flavour of Delish’s Gin Lemon Olives. Sourced from all-natural ingredients, this chutney is a beautiful addition to any number of dishes, and pairs wonderfully with bread, cheeses, wines, and meats.

    Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon - With a combination of maple syrup from eastern Canada and a smoked salmon from the west. This package contains wild Pacific pink salmon, considered to be Canada’s most sustainable species of wild salmon. The salmon has been smoked and lightly salted, then cooked in the gold foil package with pure maple syrup – combining two of Canada’s most iconic flavours. It’s the perfect gift from Canada.

    Cheese – Asiago Cheese: A perfect table cheese that can be used for salads, pastas, soups, sauces, or melted in quesadillas and on pizza. Asiago adds something special to just about any dish due to is savory and flavorful nature.

    Pepperoni - Mini Pepperoni:This bold and delicious seasoned pepperoni is a wonderful treat, the perfect snack to share and enjoy.

    Salami - Wagner’s Summer Salami:This bold and flavourful salami is a true delight. Crafted with dedication and care, this salami is a wonderful snack on it’s own, or as part of an appetizer when served alongside cheese, wine, and spreads.

    Olive Oil - Chilli Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This Olive oil has a low acidity that you come to expect from an extra virgin olive oil while possessing a light fruitiness that is suitable for layering on flavour. Naturally infused with no additives or preservatives.

    Jerky - Great Canadian Meat Hot Beef Jerky: A true delight in the rich smoky flavour of the Great Canadian Meat Company’s line of seasoned jerky.

    Pâté - Sea Change Crab Pâté: Rich and decadent, Sea Change’s gourmet crab spread is a true delight. The perfect companion for cheese, crackers, and wine.

    Salami - Wagner’s Pepper Salami: This classic salami coated in peppercorns is a true feast for the senses. Pairs perfectly with creamy cheeses, red wines, and heavy white wines.

    Salami - Wagner’s Dry Salami: The salami is a staple of European cuisine, and with good reason, it’s delicious. This dry salami has a slight kick that will leave you asking for more. A wonderful addition to any appetizer.

    Pasta - Spaghettini No. 2: Traditionally made, Rummo’s pastas are impeccably delicious. Rich tasting grains form the basis of every noodle, ensuring each taste is as smooth and satisfying as the last.

    Basket - Wicker Basket:The perfect basket for taking on a picnic or to the weekend market, this stained wicker basket will be a nice addition to any home.

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