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A Golfer's Christmas Wine Gift Basket

  • Got a Golfer in the family?  The Golfer's Christmas Wine Gift Basket would be perfect for them.  It contains a variety of unique golfing chocolates, golf balls, tees and a bottle of wine which you can upgrade if you wish.

  • This is what is included in this Christmas Wine Gift Basket:

    Chocolate - “Old Golfers Never Die….They Just Putt Away” Plaque
    Chocolate Bar - Peppermint Bark Bar
    Chocolate - Dusted Chocolate Almonds in a white ceramic bowl
    Chocolate - Milk chocolate golf bag
    Chocolate - Milk chocolate golf shoes
    Chocolate - Traditional golfers in milk chocolate
    Chocolate - White chocolate golf balls - 3 large golf balls in a box and two half golf balls
    Chocolate - Brix Pairing Chocolates - 2 large bars (Now in Boss Chocolate Bars) - HAZELTON’S is proud to announce that BOSS has replaced BRIX as the chocolate included within this basket.  BOSS offers a rich and full-bodied flavor that perfectly pairs with wine, fruit, coffee, and more.
    Chutney - Christmas Chutney by Mrs. Bridges
    Container - Bamboo Serving Tray 
    Cutting Board - Solid wood cutting board is perfect for entertaining and in any kitchen!
    Golf Balls - Three quality golf balls
    Nuts - Hand selected, quality and Roasted Almonds served in a square, white ceramic bowl.
    Pretzels - Peppermint Cranberry Pretzel Tin (8 pc Individually Wrapped)
    Tees - 25 quality tees

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?