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Return Policy


At Hazelton’s, we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Attention to design, materials, safety and construction is our priority. We carefully inspect your order prior to shipment and hand package it with care. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We guarantee our gift products to be of the highest quality, and we strive to maintain this quality throughout every delivery process.


Gifts/Gift Baskets Damaged In Transit

Upon receipt, please have your gift recipient inspect your purchase and notify us of any damage within five business days of the delivery date on the order with enough information to allow us to understand the situation. Please see "Delivery Information" for additional information on Damaged Goods.

We do not accept returns in any circumstances as most of the items that we sell are customized, gift wrapped and cannot be resold.

Gifts/Gift Baskets Lost In Transit

From time to time, deliveries can be lost in transit, delivered to the wrong location or stolen. In such circumstances, the right to damages of any kind against Hazelton’s will be extinguished unless Hazelton's is contacted within with 10 days from the date on which the delivery should have been delivered, or from the date on which delivery stopped. Please see "Delivery Information" for additional information on Lost Goods.

Gifts/Gift Baskets That are Delayed in Delivery

Upon request, Hazelton’s will, at its discretion, refund or credit a Customer (payer) if a guaranteed delivery is not delivered in accordance with the applicable service guarantee (see “Service Guarantees”). Please see "Delivery Information" for additional information on Delayed Goods.

Hazelton’s is not responsible for the consequences (direct or indirect) of a failure to deliver a delivery by a stipulated time.

Refunds are not available:

  1. For fruit, strawberries and chocolate-dipped strawberries and other perishable items shipped outside of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area as these items are perishable and we do not recommend shipping them outside of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area.
  2. For delivery charges, or for any loss, damage, delay, non-delivery, misdelivery or failure to perform, caused by events beyond Hazelton’s control, including, but not limited to, any act, default or omission of the gift sender/customer, gift recipient or any party having an interest in the delivery, defects or inherent vice in the delivery, acts of God, perils of the air, weather conditions, mechanical delays, disruptions in air or ground transportation networks, acts of public enemies, public health crises, quarantine, war, strikes or other labor disruptions (of any entity including vendors, suppliers or customers), terrorism, riots or civil commotion, acts of public authorities (including customs or health officials) with actual or apparent authority, customs clearance delays, import/export documentation deficiencies or deliveries requiring extraordinary handling, documentation or routing.
  3. Where a customer has a "change of mind” after an order has been placed.
  4. Where personal taste differences occur.
  5. Where Hazelton's has substituted item(s) in a gift basket that are in compliance with our substitution policy (see: our "Substitution Policy" for more information).
  6. For changes to orders submitted less than two days prior to the date the gifts/gift baskets will be processed for delivery. If you have changes that are needed, and they are outside of this time frame, please call us and we will do our very best to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee them or provide refunds in such circumstances.
  7. When gifts/gift baskets are undeliverable. If the intended recipient is not there to receive the package or incomplete or inaccurate address information was provided at the time the order was placed, Hazelton's will not be responsible for the loss of the packages or damages.
  8. When a delivery is stolen. We will provide you the proof of delivery information/signatures/pictures wherever possible.


Due to the perishable nature of most of our items, we are unable to accept returns for club memberships under any circumstances.

All claims for damaged, spoiled, or missing shipments must be made within 5 days following your scheduled delivery. Claims may be made by email to customerservice@hazeltonsgiftbaskets.com or by calling us. For claims that are accepted, the Company will replace your damaged, spoiled or missing shipment with a shipment in a future month.

Memberships cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. Also, the Company cannot accept cancellation requests from the purchaser of a membership sent to a third-party recipient.