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New Baby Boy Starter Kit

  • Even with all the helpful books and hints in the world on having a baby and raising a child, nothing quite prepares you for the experience of actually having one. While we can’t do much to prepare you, we can make the transition of not having a baby to having one a little easier with our New Baby Boy Starter Kit. This gift basket contains all the essentials, diapers, washcloths, napkins, brushes, etc, to help you manage the inevitable baby messes.

  • Diapers - For those inevitable accidents. All stacked up, making a cake-like tier, these diapers are not only a great gift for the baby, but a huge help to you.

    Apparel - Socks: Adorable blue and white striped socks to keep those tiny feet warm. Perfect apparel for any baby boy.

    Balloons - Two balloons to tie the whole gift together. “It’s A Boy!” and “Baby Boy!” Celebrate the new life brought into the world!

    Napkins - For those inevitable baby-made messes, and there will be plenty, here are some matching napkins to help keep the place clean and tidy… for as long as you can.

    Cloths - Blue Wash Clothes: Wash clothes to help with the cleaning, because we all know that wherever a newborn baby goes, a mess is sure to follow, and now these wash clothes can follow that.

    Cleaning - Brush & Comb: For keeping your baby all clean and fresh, here are some of high quality combs and brushes.

    Plush - Blue Monkey: An adorable little companion for an adorable baby boy. This soft, squishy monkey plushie acts as the perfect snuggle buddy to keep your baby comfy all through the night.

    Blanket - A beautifully comfortable blanket to keep your newborn warm and comfy all through the night.

    Piggy Bank - Blue Boot Piggy Bank: They always say to start saving yesterday. Well, with this adorable bootie piggy bank, your newborn literally could not have started saving any earlier.

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